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In addition to being a realist novel, includes elements of the traditional ghost story: ghosts, fear, and folklore.The ghost story provides additional detail to the class conflict, setting, characters, and realism in the novel.

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rendered with close attention to the details of physical setting and to the complexities of social life.” may deal with the supernatural, but both narrators, Lockwood and Nellie, are intent on telling the story of the middle-class Linton, Earnshaw, and Heathcliff families.

Although Catherine’s ghost may seem extraordinary, the premise of the story is entirely realistic.

Ghosts, despite their incredulity in modern science, were an inexplicable, inextricable part of life, and as such, are a part of the realism depicted in .

The Oxford Dictionary of Literary Terms defines realism as “recording or ‘reflecting’ faithfully an actual way of life … the problems of ordinary people in unremarkable circumstances …

We should not forget that during the Victorian era the supernatural and the...

How does Catherine’s abiding love of the moors help us to understand her character? An evident feature is the flashback technique, which comprises of a non-linear plot.The Yorkshire dialect makes the story seem real of that period of time, that is the early eighteen hundreds and reflects the mentality of the people at the time.As further evidence for the painstaking detail Emily Brontë put into her work, C. Sanger analysed the passage of time throughout the novel and found the ages of the characters and the years are accurate throughout the novel (134–136). Heathcliff desires to be haunted by Catherine, but she refuses to.As a realist text, records as faithfully as possible the actual life stories of Catherine, Heathcliff, and their families. Additionally, there seem to be local folk tales that demonize Heathcliff and warn of evil ghosts, evidenced by the little boy Nellie meets and “the old man by the kitchen fire” who swears he sees ghosts (430).Italiano: Rapporti nel cast del romanzo Cime tempestose di Emily Brontë. Licensed under GNU Free Documentation License" data-lightbox="media-gallery-1567848425"Thus the world of the novel can always be interpreted as a realistic one.Certain ghosts--such as Catherine's spirit when it appears to Lockwood in Chapter three--may be explained as nightmares.Moorland cannot be cultivated, and its uniformity makes navigation difficult.It features particularly waterlogged patches in which people could potentially drown."Wuthering Heights" is presented by several different narrators, which include Nelly Dean and Lockwood.Although these voices do change, the novel also includes a letter from Isabella.


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