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As the children gave it their first try, we had some success.I told the kids to make sure that they started at the sky and went all the way down to the bottom grass line. Butkus, I just can’t figure out where the sky, grass, and dirt are on the white paper.” And that’s when the light went on for me!

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Another eye opener was to have them try to write only the capital letters from A­Z, and then the next week write all of the lower case letters.

I was quite surprised how many children had simply memorized the sequence of writing out the whole alphabet, without even paying attention to which letter was which!

Today I am excited to share some great tips to help teach kids to write on lined paper!

If you are like me, teaching kids to write the alphabet on lined paper has always been one of my LEAST favorite things to do in Kindergarten, and I was VERY surprised to see that writing the alphabet from memory was on our TK (transitional kindergarten) report card!

We went straight to the small lined paper, and it was pretty hard for some of the kids.

I think that part of the problem is that even if you use large lined paper, it’s still pretty small in their eyes!

Then I found another with just blue, green, and brown and the lines on it,and then I made my own large format (8.5” x 11”) page in black and white with just the lines on it and nothing else.

I decided to go ahead and make some of these pages myself so that I could share them with you here today! These tools are absolutely ESSENTIAL in establishing this common vocabulary that you’ll need to be able to direct them on where to write their letters efficiently.

So I set out to see what my now five and a half year old students would be able to handle. This book names the top section “the sky,” the bottom section “the grass,” and under the line is “the dirt” or “mud.” It explains that some letters are “Sky Letters” and that they reach up the the sky, others are grass letters, reaching only to the middle line, and others have their tails in the dirt.

I was tempted to just let them write their letters on blank paper, but our staff has been discussing the need to teach children proper letter formation from the very beginning to avoid illegible printing later. By the way, if you are unfamiliar with Educlime’s AMAZING resources, be sure to checkout their website! Introduce the Concept with a Story I read them this book first to introduce the concept of where the letters should be on the lines, and then I showed them how to write the first few letters on lined paper using the document camera do that everyone could see.


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