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All our thesis techniques are profoundly overhauled and edit.

All our thesis techniques are profoundly overhauled and edit.

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A chapter dedicated to methodology is common and often contains several sections, but you may instead be expected to describe your research methods more briefly in a shorter section within another chapter of your thesis or dissertation.

Especially complicated methodology is occasionally discussed in two or more chapters, particularly if different methods are mined or combined to form your own.

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• Determining before you begin writing exactly how extensive the description of your methodology should be and the format it should take is a good idea.

• You should also explain why your methodology is appropriate – indeed, the best methodology possible – and perhaps innovative for investigating your topic.

This explanation will ideally involve a discussion of the strengths and weaknesses of various aspects of your design, the reliability and limitations of your instruments and procedures, and the use of controls and other rigorous methods for checking and guaranteeing the validity of your results.

Returning to any research questions or hypotheses that you formulated and presented in the introductory sections of your thesis or dissertation will allow you to discuss with precision how and why you think your research methods will answer and test them.

• If you are using unusual or complex equipment in your research, you may want to include figures to illustrate it, and diagrams can be extremely effective for showing readers the procedural processes you will be following, especially when several trials and stages with slight variations must be described.


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