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Illustration sounds more like a picture than text, right? It’s because an illustration essay is exactly like a picture – it makes the readers see things rather than read it (of course, it depends on the capability of the writer to make the readers imagine what they wanted to convey).

To put a definition to this – an essay that contains facts, figures, examples and logical theories to prove a point, is an illustrative essay.

An illustration is a picture or drawing, but in this case, it doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with actual images.

“For illustration purposes only” means that examples are being presented to highlight or explain a topic. Its purpose is to use evidence to demonstrate a point or prove that a phenomenon exists.

Make sure you list more examples than you think you’ll ultimately include.

Chances are, not all of your examples will fit into your paper, so it’s better to be able to leave out a few ideas than to struggle to find more.

At the core of an illustration essay are examples—and plenty of them.

The goal of the essay is to use various examples to prove a point or phenomenon.

Here are four steps to help you plan your illustration essay.

Remember, you’re not writing an argument essay, so don’t choose something like abortion or gun control as the focus of your paper.


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