Writing A Book Report

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Readers choose to follow certain reviewers because of similar reading taste, but also because they enjoy their review style. Don’t be discouraged if this doesn’t happen immediately. If you review on a personal blog, decide on the rating system that works for you and make sure you clearly explain how it works to your readers.

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But describing the plot needs to be a fine balance in a book review.

You want to share just enough to hook the reader without giving too much away and without veering into book report territory.

Think about how the way you personally rate books fits into their system.

For example, if you give half stars on your blog (or in your mind!

Second, in cases of positive reviews, how to convince them to pick up the book.

Don’t wait until the middle of your review to try to catch the reader’s attention. Think about what made you pick the book up, and use that to inspire your own way of writing about it.

But make sure you don’t rob any of your readers of that genuine emotional reaction or discovery.

Unless your reviewing platform offers a way to hide spoilers, avoid them completely.

Thoughtful praise and critique often can also be a great starting point for a continued conversation about a book. But it may also be a great recommendation for those who love a good political thriller.

Keep in mind that even if a book didn’t fit your personal reading tastes, there’s a chance it may appeal to other readers and your review could help them discover it.


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