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Livescribe 3 – Highly versatile modern digital pen that can work with paper with Anoto dot pattern (users can print out their own, but sadly only if they use color ink cartridges provided by Livescribe itself).It is bulky, and it can take a bit to get used to its design, but features such as recording sound while scribbling can make it incredibly useful during your daily work or drawing sessions.

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Your first option to notice for a digital notebook works a little differently from others in that this model comes with reusable pages.

The Rocketbook Wirebound Notebook features 32 reusable pages inside its body.

Digital Pens on the other hand are built around the regular ink cartridges, with onboard sensors (pressure sensitivity, IR cameras, accelerometers, positional sensors, computer connectivity features, input buttons, memory, battery, indicator lights, vibrator motor and more) that can record users drawings, store them onboard or sync them with nearby computer.

Digital pens have many advantages over traditional pens, enabling users to easily record their text entry, drawings, diagrams, quick notes and transfer them to a computer where they can be used either as-is or used in many different ways in enhancing workflow, simplify work procedures and more.

Each page has a dot grid pattern that analyzes what you write on the surface.

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This product, which was produced through support on Indiegogo, works with any pen or highlighter you wish to use.The most common digital paper utilizes Anoto technology, which features pattern of very small dots that form a kind of two-dimensional barcode.This digital paper (or sometimes called “interactive paper”) technology has become widespread not only because it proved itself very effective in day to day use for both writing and drawing, but also because users can create their digital paper by using basic home printers that can achieve printing resolution of Anoto dot pattern of at least 600 DPI.This guide will help you explore the many quality digital notepads or notebooks that you can use for your daily writing needs.These are books that are easy to use and provide you with a simplified approach for handling your content as desired.The most common technology used for monitoring what is written is via the infrared cameras.They require a user to use special digital paper that has either small bumps that can be detected by pen's sensitive hardware or dense array of small black dots that reflect different amount of infrared light that is captured by pen's onboard camera.Many pens have onboard storage that can record content of more than 50 pages while other ones demand the pan to be constantly in wired or wireless connection with a PC or mobile device (usually professional models that monitor position and angle of the pen to a very high degree).Here are some of the examples of popular digital pens: Wacom Bamboo Spark – This digital pen distinguishes itself from the competition by being able to be used on any paper surface.You can apply the ink from a pen or other item onto a page and wait fifteen seconds for the ink to settle on the page.After that, you can use an included app on your phone to take shots of your notebook and save them to your phone.


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