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The body: At a minimum, include three to five paragraphs in the body of your expository essay.The body could be considerably longer, depending on your topic and audience.Unlike creative or persuasive writing, which can appeal to emotions and use anecdotes, expository writing's primary purpose is to deliver information about an issue, subject, method, or idea using facts. You don't have to write your introduction first.

Expository writing is used to convey factual information (as opposed to creative writing, such as fiction).

It is the language of learning and understanding the world around us.

Then, each paragraph includes several sentences that expand on the information and/or support the topic sentence.

Finally, a concluding sentence offers a transition to the following paragraph in the essay.

Don't cover new material related to your thesis, though. An expository article or report about a lake, for example, could discuss its ecosystem: the plants and animals that depend on it along with its climate.

It could describe physical details about its size, depth, amount of rainfall each year, and the number of tourists it receives annually.

When writing expository essays, it is best to use third person narration, although second person is acceptable in some instances, such as for instructions—or articles on expository writing.

There are a few characteristics of expository writing you should remember when crafting an expository essay.

The introduction: The first paragraph is where you'll lay the foundation for your essay and give the reader an overview of your thesis.

Use your opening sentence to get the reader's attention, and then follow up with a few sentences that give your reader some context for the information you're about to cover.


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