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Doing that requires clarity and precision in identifying and stating the topic. The researcher needs to ask him/herself that what my study is about. For example, the following can be a topic of a thesis statement related to cancer; ‘Understanding the cost implications of cancer treatment in the United States of America'.

A clearly stated topic enables the writer to develop his or her argumentative stance.

The writer is able to derive an informed position on the study from the topic.

Indeed, having a correctly stated topic is an important beginning of a thesis statement about cancer.

Chandrasekhar (2008) observes that a thesis statement contains objective evidence of the author's knowledge and capabilities in the specific field of interest. Being clear about the topic helps the readers or audience to not only quickly identify with the study, but also arouse their interest.

Thesis statement about cancer is, therefore, a statement projecting a claim which is related to cancer As pointed out earlier, the key to writing any cancer thesis statement is to understand the subject matter. The topic should be stated in a simple and clear language.

First and foremost what is a cancer thesis statement?

Etymologically, a thesis is a proposition to be proved.

While a topic is precise and written in short form, a problem statement provides further explanation about what really the topic is all about and what the problem really is.

Having learnt about definition of a thesis statement and the importance of having a main point or a major concept that will drive the article in addition to raising arguments that are a reflection of the major concept, a sentence capturing the position of the writer and a sentence structure that is concise, that is the basis of a good thesis statement on cancer People are least interested in long articles.


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