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Anika :)” Reply: Anika, I made this video to answer your question and to help your daughter. It is a paper based on your own personal knowledge that usually dwells upon one episode that had a major influence on one’s personality or worldview.Is there any way you could provide her with guidance on this project?

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She gets many writing assignments without any template or guidance to help focus her writing…often very broad scope.

They expect the parents to provide help with these projects, and I find it very frustrating.

Generally, an autobiography essay outline follows the common framework of any essay, meaning a five-paragraph paper.

It shouldn’t be very long; however, you may change the standard outline according to your needs.

This article on how to write an autobiography essay will help you complete a flawless and powerful paper.

Considering planning a paper, an outline is one of the fundamental parts.

Some start with it, others do it in the end, it is totally up to you.

A title can be creative if you want but it should be appealing, intriguing and deal with the main point of your paper.

Making sure my daughter learns this system well, will provide me with the assurance and confidence that she will do well.

As for the criteria for the biography: Thank you for entertaining this email and I’m looking forward from hearing from you 🙂 Again, a million thanks!


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