Women In American Society Essay

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sign of the unfairness can also be found in the lower ranks. and give orders are not well liked in the work place.

But again to bring the ruling of the highest court in play, the harassed woman shall have to take recourse to the court which, in itself, is no easy matter.

These are some of the basic and fundamental problems which the career-oriented woman in the present Indian society has to face.

Rearing children, cooking meals for the large joint family, or at best in their spare time doing some tailoring or knitting, but all within the four walls of the house — this was considered to be their only way of life.

Even the well-to-do families had large houses and right from the grandfather and the grandmother down to the grandchildren — all lived under one roof and were fed at the common kitchen. Those were the times till the first quarter of the twentieth century.

For the middle class families, choosing a career for women has also become necessary.

If they are duly qualified, they do want to be using their talents to seek an employment and be a support earner to their husbands.

The gender factor is there and menfolk are men folk anyway.

In such a situation even the husband can hardly be of any help.

Whoever said men and women are equal must have been blind. The problem of men and women not being equal can be.

have always taken a back seat to men in American society. is not only found in the United States, but in other countries as well.


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