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Like all of us, my character possesses undisclosed potential, the prospect of improving the world, the chance to make it much more interesting and diverse than it is now. I can be a lawyer or a doctor, bold or scared, athlete or scientist, but I always remain a person.When I am asked who am I, I do not necessarily have to describe my personality or my character. That type of person who does not care about the fate of others. I want to give people warmth and try not to hurt them. It seems to me that each of us should be the cause of somebody’s happiness.A person who wants to make the right decisions, but does not always cope with the task. And someday, I want to say boldly that I’m a man who has made the world a little better.

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It all depends on your choice, your experience, or situation. But the most important questions are those that we ask ourselves standing in from of the mirror alone. But if you do not dwell on this and continue working further, there will be only more questions.

Today you may say I am a student, and tomorrow, I am a pilot.

They mix up ideas as they do not really know what they need to include in their writing. This may include communication, computer, education, languages, leadership or anything else you find worthy. Describing oneself is one of the most complicated tasks.

The main aim of a who am I essay is to make the reader understand who you are and what you believe in. It is here that you state your beliefs, motivations, principles and inspirations. In most cases, we always define ourselves using institutions, other people or activities. It’s not that I am an extrovert, but; I always work towards getting along with people.

I am a student, a son, a brother, a friend, a listener, a Christian, sometimes even a creator, because it is my choice what type of person I want to be today.

Who Am I Essay Sample

Many students, from high school to college level, do not know how to describe themselves.

De Shawn Skipwith English 1/28/14 Professor Coleman Who am I?

Each person on this planet has unique qualities that are shared with others.

The answers to these questions can differ and change with the time.

Looking at a human from the biological aspect of view, one can say that his main purpose is procreation because man is mortal, but life must continue. What if one day our knowledge will allow opening the formula of immortality, and the constant continuation of the family will lose its meaning?


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