What Are The Characteristics Of A Good Friend Essay

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A friend who will go to the movies with you or come over to talk can be exciting.A good friend is someone that you tell your innermost secrets to.They will keep their lips zipped unless it is a secret that could be dangerous to you. You need someone to tell you when your outfit looks horrible or a behavior is dangerous.Whether they are hugging you, teasing you to make a smile or buying your favorite chips, a caring friend is worried about your state of mind and wants to help you to overcome and smile.These individuals care about what makes you sad and work to cheer you up.For teen girls, it can be great to have a friend to talk to about boys or do each other's makeup.For teen boys, it can be exciting to have a friend come over to watch the big game or work on the car with.Whether it is your secret crush or a problem you have at school or home, everyone has secrets.You need to be able to trust that your secrets are going to stay just that: secrets.Friends can also provide fulfillment on a deeper level.Connecting with another human on a personal level can make a person happier overall.


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