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She cared about every student that put in the effort to try and she understood when we found it challenging Professor Weingartner is a very kind, super smart woman, but she doesn't speak English very well and her lectures are kind of hard to follow. She spent nearly everyday in the library helping students study and understand. She was very patient, but she makes you do the work yourself.

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She wont give you any guidance or rubric for any part of your project.

You cant understand her lectures because of her accent I took Stats from her. We had to use an online system instead of a textbook and it was very nifty. Her accent may be a problem but if you really just listen you can understand. This would have been better off as an online class. I have emailed her several times asking questions that she avoided and never got to answer. You go to class Monday-Friday and have a TA day on Thursday for math help. I found myself going to online tutors to help with homework. Also, every lecture she would stop multiple times to ask each person individually if they were understanding.

She was more than willing to help outside of class and the group project taught me a lot.

Last couple weeks was packed full of material and last tests and reviews were extremely difficult.

Its an overload of information that makes no sense at all!

She is a super nice lady and as a person, she is wonderful. Taking this class by this professor is the equivalent to getting kicked in the face while being peed on. I went to class everyday, and she was so hard to understand.

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You do a group project that doesnt relate to what you need to know on the tests that stretches you thin.

She'll get mad when every group member doesnt show up to meetings even though theres 7 of you with jobs.


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