Water Conservation Research Paper

Water Conservation Research Paper-63
Here are 10 recent studies related to measuring water resources and seeking solutions to the water scarcity problem.

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Matric suction in unsaturated residual soils changes with varying climatic conditions associated with... Abdallah The use of superabsorbent polymers or hydrogels could increase the water holding capacity (WHC) of sandy soil and reduce water loss by deep percolation. September 2019 Fernando García-Ávila | Jhanina Patiño-Chávez | Fanny Zhinín-Chimbo | Silvana Donoso-Moscoso | Lisveth Flores del Pino | Alex Avilés-Añazco The use of constructed wetlands to treat municipal wastewater reduces energy consumption and therefore economic costs, as well as reduces environmental pollution. September 2019 Maziar Mohammadi | Abdulvahed Khaledi Darvishan | Nader Bahramifar Heavy metals are among the most important sources of water and soil pollution.

September 2019 Christofer Kristo | Harianto Rahardjo | Alfrendo Satyanaga Soil-water characteristic curve (SWCC) is an essential parameter in unsaturated soil mechanics.

Available online 3 September 2019 Fekadu Mengistu | Engdawork Assefa Watershed management practices have been implemented to avert land degradation and to enhance people’s livelihoods in the highlands of Ethiopia for several years. Available online 22 August 2019 Amir Ansari | Mohammad H. Verlova The article discusses postglacial landscape transformation in the Northern Hemisphere Middle Pleistocene glaciation area located in the center of the Russian Plain. June 2019 Hamza Briak | Rachid Mrabet | Rachid Moussadek | Khadija Aboumaria Soil erosion from agricultural fields is a worldwide problem, to influence water quality, soil fertility and reservoir sedimentation especially in Mediterranean countries such as Morocco. June 2019 Daniel Asfaw | Getachew Workineh Morphometric analysis is a quantitative measurement and mathematical analysis of landforms.

Kremenetskaya The copper-nickel factory's emissions in the Murmansk region, Russia, led to the degradation of plant cover and topsoil with the subsequent formation of industrial barrens. These elements accumulate in the agricultural soil through using contaminated water for irrigation, fertilizers, pesticide...

Based on the data NASA scientists estimated that 11 trillion gallons of water are needed to return to normal seasonal levels.

Worldwide Water Shortage Expected by 2040 Researchers estimate that the growing energy needs will result in a worldwide water shortage by 2040.

Sustainable solutions are required, which consider the use of... June 2019 Cassim Mohamed Fayas | Nimal Shantha Abeysingha | Korotta Gamage Shyamala Nirmanee | Dinithi Samaratunga | Ananda Mallawatantri Soil erosion contributes negatively to agricultural production, quality of source water for drinking, ecosystem health in land and aquatic environments, and aesthetic value of landscapes. June 2019 Seyed Hamidreza Sadeghi | Mostafa Moradi Dashtpagerdi | Hamidreza Moradi Rekabdarkoolai | Jeroen M. Such factors vary over space and time, making the assessment of soil erosion even more difficult....

Available online 20 August 2019 André Almagro | Thais Caregnatto Thomé | Carina Barbosa Colman | Rodrigo Bahia Pereira | José Marcato Junior | Dulce Buchala Bicca Rodrigues | Paulo Tarso Sanches Oliveira The Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation (RUSLE)'s cover and management factor (C-factor) is one of the most difficult factors to obtain, mainly because long-term monitoring soil erosion plots under... Available online 6 August 2019 Million Sileshi | Reuben Kadigi | Khamaldin Mutabazi | Stefan Sieber Adoption rates of soil and water conservation measures remain below the expected levels in Ethiopia despite the considerable investments in reducing land degradation and improving soil fertility. Available online 6 August 2019 Carmelo Dazzi | Giuseppe Lo Papa In the last decades, in some Mediterranean areas, pedodiversity decreased mainly due to pedotechnique application in large-scale farming that transformed original soils into Anthrosols. Available online 4 July 2019 Chuong Van Huynh | Catharien Terwisscha van Scheltinga | Ty Huu Pham | Non Quoc Duong | Phuong Thi Tran | Linh Hoang Khanh Nguyen | Tung Gia Pham | Ngoc Bich Nguyen | Jos Timmerman In recent years, water for agricultural production gradually became a significant challenge in the context of climate change in Vietnam. Despite the common use of the conventional model of... March 2019 Kwanele Phinzi | Njoya Silas Ngetar Soil erosion is a direct product of the complex interactions between natural and anthropogenic factors.

Singh | Mehretie Belay Accelerated soil erosion by water is a critical problem in Ethiopia, where population is rapidly growing and extensive farming systems are very common with no or less preventive measures. September 2019 Christine Alewell | Pasquale Borrelli | Katrin Meusburger | Panos Panagos To give soils and soil degradation, which are among the most crucial threats to ecosystem stability, social and political visibility, small and large scale modelling and mapping of soil erosion is inevitable.... June 2019 Yujie Wei | Xinliang Wu | Jinwen Xia | Rubing Zeng | Chongfa Cai | Tianwei Wang Ultisols, widely distributed in tropical and subtropical areas of south China, are suffering from serious water erosion, however, slope hydrological process for Ultisols under different erosional degradation... Schoorl The evaluation of scale effects on modeling performance of sedimentgraphs as the ultimate outputs of the hydrological simulation is vital for adaptive watershed management. March 2019 Natalija Momirović | Ratko Kadović | Veljko Perović | Miloš Marjanović | Aleksandar Baumgertel In this paper, the assessment of the sensitivity of the soil in the rural area of Čukarica municipality to the processes of degradation is considered. March 2019 Guanhua Zhang | Jiajun Hu Laboratory-simulated rainfall experiments were conducted to quantify the effects of patchy distributed Artemisia capillaris on overland flow hydrodynamics. Mvuyekure | George Karuku | Geoffrey Kironchi Runoff farming is reported to improve land productivity and crop yields in hot and dry climates.

September 2019 Mohammad Ghorbani | Hossein Asadi | Sepideh Abrishamkesh Biochar is a product of pyrolysis of biomass in the absence of oxygen and has a high potential to sequester carbon into more stable soil organic carbon (OC). June 2019 Olga Komissarova | Tatiana Paramonova Agricultural land use in the area of the post-Chernobyl Plavsk radioactive hotspot (Tula region, Central Russia) has raised a problem of radioecological safety of obtained plant foodstuff. June 2019 Jiankun Huang | Yifan Liu | Yaguang Li Urban trees are usually planted on a periodic layout in the spatial configuration. Rainfall intensities of 60, 90, 120, and 150 mm h–1... This study was conducted to assess the available rainwater that can be harvested in a conserved catchment...


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