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scoring system (known as "hand-out" or "side-out" scoring) is used persistently in the sport of pickleball and is inherently confusing and sometimes difficult for beginning players to learn.

Even popular pickleball websites readily acknowledge that three-number scores are troublesome and regularly offer advice on how to cope with these complications.

Transitioning between rally point and traditional scoring formats is not difficult.

In fact, Pickleball OSC players have been known to do this on a day-to-day basis depending on which club they choose to visit.

Specifically, scoring confusion may be created by three-number scores if the server either accidentally or purposefully calls part of the score indistinctly. To illustrate this point, consider a doubles pickleball game situation where the score is "two points" to "three points" and the second-server is serving.

In this case, pickleball players will report this score as "two-three-two" rather than the identical but much clearer scenario of "two-three; second-server".

For example, one such site recommends that the first-server "..a colorful wristband" to help keep scoring matters straight.

It is amusing to note that advice designed to reduce scoring confusion is itself often confusing (see article here).

Pickleball OSC: Rally Point Scoring From The Beginning In an effort to address resistance to rally point scoring in this sport, a group of experienced racquet and paddle players from Okotoks and Calgary set out in January 2017 to organize .

During its development, organizers of Pickleball OSC sought out competitive and forward-thinking athletes who were willing to score games using the rally point system.


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