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They can express their tanlent is sing, some children is a famous singer after leave that programme and I'm very love they. Yes, there are very popular reality TV shows in my country i love to watch them. In my conclusion I would tell all the people to always try to watch these shows they help in learning and we have fun watching it. They do something crazy that others people can't do, its a little bit make some people scared.

In my point of view i think that reality TV shows are enthusiastic because they increase our confidence by seeing people who have talent and me might try to search for our talent and we also can learn about new things like how to use stuff and cooking too. :) In my views on reality television shows is good entertainment form, however some of the reality shows has a bad influence for people, and can damage the minds of our younger generations. My favourite reality TV shows are basically some women/girls don't like to watch which is WWE. In my opinion , reality tv shows do entertain people .

However,there are some reality shows that have a bad effect on people,as they are banal or violent and educate the children badly.

I think taht these reality shows must be banned for this reason. I like reality shows mainly of cars,fashion, cooking and dare games!

The model text on this page should help you with this type of writing. Best wishes, Joanna (Learn English Teens team) I love reality TV shows bcoz it can make u happy .

There're different kinds of reality shows such as singing,dancing,cooking competitions,talent shows,travelling pragrams,living in the jungle,family shows. But foreign country reality TV shows are more popular than my country's .Especially korean variety shows are pretty popular in Myanmar."Rumming Man" is the most watching TV show in my country.I always watch it whenever I feel down & I want to get away from my stress. A group of friends has to travel abroad with only backpack. It's very glad to watch beautiful places where I have never been.This is where Reported Speech Vocabulary is helpful.Below is the list of some phrases that help you to strengthen and optimize your essay with Reported Speech Vocabulary.In order to articulate your essay beautifully, what you need to do is – write an essay, proofread it, find words that can be described in a better way and add adjectives or adverbs to those words to highlight your message.When you are writing an essay with reference to a secondary source or third party, it is imperative to show the examiner that you have read or consulted these kind of studies previously and are familiar with what you are writing.Reality tv shows gives a wide variety of choices for people to watch and gain knowledge . Me myself i do also enjoy watching realiy programme such as American next top model because i do admit that i love fashion . To ensure that your Essay is optimized and convey only the story you want to tell, develop a proper understanding of all the above listed Vocabulary in detail.Descriptive Vocabulary refers to explaining your thoughts in a clearer and precise way.


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