Violence In Video S Research Paper

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The first is that they appear to tie violence and aggressive behavior in children who play video games.

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In conclusion, there are many pieces of evidence to suggest that playing violent video games can increases aggressive behavior in children.

Research shows that this form of game playing increases aggressive behavior, and when the amount of video game playing is reduced, then the aggressive behavior is reduced.

In fact, the Army typically uses video games in their training of soldiers, such as “Quake” and “Doom.” He “call[s] violent video games ‘murder simulators’”.

Many national governments are concerned about the long-term impact that video game playing will have on their future citizens.

Because of the concern of violence in television and video games in recent years, there has been a demand by parents for video rating guidelines According to the Entertainment Software Rating Board, a rating of “E” means that the video game is an item that can be enjoyed by children six years or older.

However, it does not mean that the video game has no violence.

In fact of fifty games reviewed, thirty-five of them had violent scenes for more than thirty percent of the time that they are played.

Additional research demonstrates that in a comparable study, children who participated in a program to reduce video game playing exhibited less aggression during playground activities than children who did not participate in the program.


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