Verizon Business Data Plans

For example, the monthly rate for one line on an unlimited plan would be $75 while getting four lines would bring the per-person cost down to $40 per month.

We've gone through the details, both the major and the fine print, to find out everything we can about Verizon's various plans so we can help you find the best one.

Go Unlimited support mobile hotspots at 600Kbps, while Beyond Unlimited offers 15GB of hotspot at 4G LTE speeds, and Above Unlimited steps that up to 20GB.

Go Unlimited also limits video playback to DVD quality (480p), but the other tiers support HD (720p) streaming.

This plan is a good fit for two people who will split the data a small amount of data, and it has a curiously obvious value over the 4GB plan.

View this plan: at Verizon Wireless plan: Large | 8GB | Unlimited calls and texts | /Month If you really can't hold off on the occasional movie or TV show streamed over your data plan, this might be a reasonable option for you.

If you choose Verizon’s premium unlimited plans, you may even be able to take advantage of its 5G network.

It was the first US carrier to launch a true 5G network, and now its available in select parts of Chicago, Denver, Minneapolis, St. It’s available for the Moto Z3, Moto Z4, LG V50 and Samsung Galaxy S10 5G.

You could also go an affordable route with a pre-paid plan that offers small data allotments to fit your specific needs.

Verizon offers all sorts of plans, and they come in many different sizes and prices.


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