Using Proportions To Solve Percent Problems

Using Proportions To Solve Percent Problems-74
In fact we always use the same label of when we set ours up.

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Example In a box of eight donuts two have pink sprinkles.

If we want to check if two ratios form a proportion we can just check their cross products.

Example Use cross product to determine if the two ratios form a proportion.

$$\frac,\: \: \frac$$ $$\frac\overset \frac$$ $$\frac\cdot 16\cdot 40\overset \frac\cdot 16\cdot 40$$ $$\frac\cdot\cdot 40\overset \frac\cdot 16\cdot $$ $\cdot 40\overset5\cdot 16$$ $=80$$ Here we can see that 2/16 and 5/40 are proportions since their cross products are equal.

Percent means hundredths or per hundred and is written with the symbol, %.


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