Useful Italian Phrases For Essays

Study the helpful Italian phrases and words below, so you’ll be able to carry a conversation about your family in Italian!Did you know that in Italian, “i parenti” means relatives, and not parents?For instance, “tua sorella” is correct, and “la tua sorella” is incorrect.

Performers and opera singers consider it a key professional skill.

In many European nations, much of the advertising is in English.

In those places, you’ll surely use some Italian, since almost no travellers go there and the staff won’t be used to talking in English.

Before we get to the useful phrases you will need, here’s a language quirk that’s very important to understand.

As you continue to learn the Italian language and culture, you’ll start to understand the significance of la famiglia.

And soon you’ll be asked to explain your family to others.

Whether you’re in tourism, catering, or offering luxury products, you’ll have to work on your Italian writing and speaking in order to communicate during meetings and seamlessly integrate yourself into Italian businesses.

These words are hugely important when it comes to joining ideas together, expressing opposition, and just making your speech more coherent.

This is not a serious issue — you know what you’re going to get if you order a spaghetti bolognese.

But did you understand that the arrabiata of the spaghetti arrabbiata literally means angry, and that the primavera of your pasta primavera means spring?


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