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Draw from both of those lists as you show how you are a match for that school. Have some other people read it for you and give feedback. Research your chosen program, and then mention one or two specific classes or professors that appeal to you.

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Thanks a lot by the way."I love money, and I want to make a lot of it.

And as you know, Wharton, along with Harvard, Princeton, Yale, and Stanford, is a super-target for investment banking firms.

Show how they will benefit you, why it's better for you than other schools, and why you will thrive and produce more there than elsewhere. But you still want an essay that showcases - your thoughts, ideas, intellectual pursuits, curiosities, growth and development, strengths and obstacles overcome, etc.

What about you makes you want to go to that school? Put those things in the context of the school/activity/major and what you love about it. Have you done your research and are applying because you think this is the best school for you, or are you just shotgunning them or applying aimlessly based on impersonal factors like rankings and prestige?

Don't talk about rankings or about how much your parents wanted you to apply.

If you're a legacy it's fine to say so, but go out of your way to make attending that school your own goal and decision and no one else's.

Show how the school/major will help you achieve what you really love and want in life.1. (Note that they look for this in every essay.) They want to see depth of thought, intellectual vitality, engagement, leadership, individuality, creativity, etc. Do actually want to go here or did someone else make you apply? Do you have goals, dreams, and a vision for your future?

Do you have what it takes to be successful at that school? Are you treating them as a backup or safety option? Are you a good fit for their school and culture (and vice versa)? -Don't spend the majority of the essay just gushing about how great the school is.

If you've done all of this and you're happy with it, you'll probably be the best essay your AO reads that day. In conclusion, never begin a conclusion with ‘in conclusion,.

All you need to do is circle back to your main point and synthesize your thesis. Should I add any details about my background that sparked my interest in business and Penn? Should I also mention professors of classes that I want to take?


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