United States Constitution Essay Questions

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The oceans have essentially shrunk as barriers, given rapid advances in telecommunications, travel, military warfare.Further, it specifies citizenship as an active contractual relation between a person and the state with specific duties and privileges.A multi-party system will replace the two-party system; party-proportional voting will replace the winner-takes-all arrangement.So if people wish to make substantive changes, please feel free to copy this essay, in its entirety, and create another essay page with the changes which identifies the new author as the author.If contributors wish to argue with the points, please do so as indented signed comments.--Tomwsulcer (talk) , 8 September 2014 (UTC)Comment: This proposed replacement aims to keep the best of the current Constitution (e.g.Further, the president may be out of office every four years, and will be out after every eight; this constant influx of new presidents makes it hard for the nation to stick to plans which take longer than four or eight years to carry out.Last, the people selecting the president -- the electorate -- are not in a good position to judge whether a given candidate would be the best architect of foreign policy; rather, the public votes for persons based on many criteria, including domestic concerns, pocketbook issues, and so forth as well as supposed foreign policy experience, and as a result the public may elect a president who appeals to their sensibilities on other issues but who is extremely lacking in military experience, diplomatic savvy, understanding of the world situation, and so forth.The Roman Republic rarely fought two wars at once, enabling them to plan intelligently how to play adversaries against each other.In contrast, look at the United States on the eve of World War II -- having to fight not one enemy (Germany) but a second one (Japan).Unless otherwise stated, this is original content, released under CC-BY-SA 3.0 or any later version. Feel free to make comments on the talk page, which will probably be far more interesting, and might reflect a broader range of Rational Wiki editors' thoughts.Comment: my original intention was to make this a community essay, with contributors making any changes they thought necessary, but a hatnote was added, above, identifying me, Thomas Wright Sulcer, as its sole writer, meaning that if any of the substantive points are changed, it will appear (incorrectly) as if I made them.


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