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In compliance with the Doctoral Regulations, the University Library also offers the option of submitting a thesis in electronic form.

4747 to confirm your reservation a couple of days before your Dissertation Defense is scheduled.

Some departments here at the University of Bridgeport will require that you archive your final draft in an online resource like the Pro Quest Dissertations and Theses database.

The electronic thesis is made available online via the OPUS Publication Server.

It can therefore be accessed worldwide and the full text can be used directly from the OPAC or OPUS.

For its part the University Library Greifswald guarantees to keep the electronic thesis accessible on its server for a minimum period of 7 years, however, only for as long as the thesis can be read electronically in Greifswald.

In order to ensure access is also guaranteed beyond this, the University Library Greifswald notifies the Deutsche Nationalbibliothek of the electronic thesis, which then carries out the technical conversion should changes be made to the computer system.The dissertation must be uploaded in OPUS by the doctoral student himself .The document will be published on the publication server after a review and processing in the Acquisition/Cataloguing Department of the University Library.Theses and Dissertations allow a degree candidate to demonstrate their ability to perform research in their field.The Wahlstrom Library can support you during the process.If you want some tips on how to most efficiently find the most relevant articles supporting your thesis, this is a great time to contact a librarian and schedule a research consultation.We can help you identify relevant search terms, navigate the most useful article databases, and order any needed resources that UB doesn't own through Interlibrary Loan.When it is time to schedule your dissertation defense, the Wahlstrom Library has rooms available that are perfect for this.To book the Discovery Pavilion, talk to a library staff member and make sure you book the room for at least a half hour before the committee will arrive.It is also highly recommended that you submit a digital copy of your completed Dissertation or Thesis to the University of Bridgeport's institutional repository, Scholar Works.Doing so will allow you and others to access your work online in a controlled environment.


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