Types Of Learning Styles Essay

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The ability to listen to a lecture and take notes for studying for the test becomes a cognitive response coupled with retaining at least 75% of what is presented.

The learning technique of reading and taking notes for preparation for the taking of an examination is critical.

“It is important to identify preferred learning style so that the development of a set of strategies to capitalize on strengths and compensate for weaknesses.” (Dunn, 2000) Because abilities differ from the student to student, it’s clear that some do not derive full benefit from the regular school program.

If students are to realize their potential, there must be adjustments both in the in-school and in the out-of-school learning styles.

The instructional and environmental learning preferences are essential to my understanding of education by virtue of location.

This learning preference is supported by information processing.As students, we often wonder why some find it difficult to learn whereas others find it easy.Why are there some of us better equipped to learn some skills but not others? Student learning differs because student learning styles are different, and in my personal opinion, because the thinking process varies depending on what and when we are learning.(Sims, 1995) To address this issue, today’s progressive counselors serve predominantly as consultants, identifying and advancing different learning styles.“Many theoreticians and practitioners in education place high priority on the realization of giftedness.“Many researchers pide learning style into three broad categories: auditory, visual, and kinesthetic. Visual learners need to see or make pictures of concepts.In a lecture, they might take notes, draw a diagram of the concepts or make a table of the important points.” (Lynch, 2004) My Kinesthetic learning style requires the need to do things physically to understand concepts.Many could be like me who subscribes to a combination of learning styles.Following the quote attributed to Confucius that expresses the basic conviction that a varied learning style is not only necessary but critical to the learning style process: “I hear and I forget; I see and I remember; I do and I understand.” Most people learn with using their learning-styles preferences, personally as a student, I achieve significantly better when I capitalize on predilections.Institutions of higher education are always looking for ways to make their educational initiatives more effective.Higher education administrators and instructors at all levels are constantly seeking to provide avenues to better learning styles that are more effective and efficient.


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