Two Kinds Amy Tan Essay

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Although Jing Mei was excited about her mother’s plan at first, as time goes on, when the tasks got harder and harder, she failed to achieve them.

Many times, after seeing her mother’s disappointed face she felt “something inside her began to die”.

Being reminded of this tragic event made her speechless.

In my opinion, Jing-Mei’s point of view was sufficient to understand this short story.

The story takes place around 1960’s, where the narrator talks about her childhood and 1980’s towards the end when she had grown up to be an adult about thirty years old.

In the sixties, many Chinese immigrants came to America to persuade their American Dreams.

Knowing how she felt in each situation was important to and helped understand each event that followed after.

Whatever happened in the story happened because of Jing-Mei’s feelings and her point of view benefited the reader’s understanding of those feelings.

She works hard to provide her daughter ways to success.

She took her to beauty training school to have her hair styled, took dozens of magazines from the houses she cleans so that Jing Mei could be knowledgeable and even provides free house cleaning for her piano teacher in exchange for her piano lessons.


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