Tv Vs Internet Essay

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‘The research shows how children are using mobile phones in obtaining sexual material, developing their sexual identities and in their intimate relationships with each other,’ she added.

The Monitor Report 2010-11 found that children spent only two hours a week exercising in school, and taking part in physical activity out of school.

However, the internet is sometimes seen, as a technology that contributes to the breakdown of the structure of community.

In this essay I will discuss whether, the internet, in introducing a technology that enables the transfer of a seemingly unlimited quantity of uncensored information world-wide instantaneously, has had a catastrophic, and in many ways a fatal influence, in the breakdown of the conventional image of a ‘community’ within society while at the same time contributing an exponentially growing knowledge base to many.

Google diverted other advertising dollars while online news sapped print circulation.

These disruptions left the question of when the television business would face its turn on the dissecting table.

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‘The internet is more fatal to the cohesion of the community than television was in its time.’ The widespread availability of the internet has produced a serge in communication in today’s society.

From 2006 to 2012, revenues fell from .3 billion to .3 billion, according to trade association figures.

The challengers from below included Craigslist, which turned the multibillion-dollar print classified business into a multimillion-dollar online business.


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