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A man holds a scrolling message about guns on his smart phone at a candlelight vigil in West Hollywood, California, following the early morning attacks on a gay night club in Orlando, Florida, U. Increasingly, especially in times of tragedy and trauma, social researchers say people turn to their online communities for news, for solace, to share painful experiences of confusion and sadness, and reach out to friends for emotional support and counsel.

Fundamentally, our emotions haven’t changed, but social media is used to broadcast them more widely. Everybody thinks they ought to share,” said Chamorro-Premuzic.

Another issue researchers are studying is how social media can rapidly drive individuals to their “safe spot,” the place they’re most comfortable personally and ideologically, and close off opinions that are different from their core values and beliefs.

“It was no surprise to see that edits the news feed to promote liberal news, for most of its users are probably liberal.

Likewise, we like and share comments and content from those who share our views, which perpetuates a vicious cycle and makes people more narrow-minded."“On social media it is more tempting to believe that our views are the truth, because we are only exposed to opposite views in small doses.”And, says Steinfeld, confirmation bias affects not just the sources we seek out for news and information, but those we’re most likely to listen to and share.“It's just more common that the people in our network tend to agree with us on the big issues - like gun control, abortion rights, immigration, and so on.

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Throughout the years, the audience vividly observes various social views as expressed by the playwrights. Similar to other playwrights, Euripides uses the theater as a channel to express his social views to other Greeks.

For example, we work in the same company, but our views on other topics are different.

So we do at times see people in our network of connections making statements that are inconsistent with our own views.”Reinforcing belief and bias One main problem with social media use during crises, said Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, it that it enhances “confirmation bias,” or the tendency to seek out and listen to only that information that reinforces long-standing opinions.“We mostly pay attention to those who think like we do,” he said.

In response to a question about her favorite book, one of my students, a very high achiever from South Los Angeles, chose .

It made for an essay that was easy to write and that seemed to reveal a few things about her: She was brilliant (which she was), she was studious (which she was), and she would do well in college (which she would, and did).


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