Time Writing A Research Paper

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Most students are not aware that topic selection has a huge impact on the total time that it takes to write a paper.

The best topic is the one that is fastest and easiest to write about.

Outlines show you where you are going, just like roadmaps. However, how many times do you get into your vehicle without seeing a map? Most probably not; it depends on the complexity of the route and the length of your trip.

You may have had the experience of going on a road trip and using a map only to find yourself completely confused.

Now after that how much time did u take to just write the final version of the paper?

I am asking this because I im in the process of doing this painful part & am taking a lot of time (figures, supplementary material & a lot of LAZYNESS.) My quick reply back then was the following: around 40 hours typically - spaced out over 2 or 3 weeks So let's look at this question in more detail.It is important to develop an efficient system to:· capture your findings· sort through findings for relevance· extract key data· save them for later reference Secret 3.Outlines can be immensely helpful or they can be a complete waste of time based on your circumstances.The right topic is one that provides plenty of research materials.If you are unable to find enough quality resources, you might have to start all over again, or else change your thesis statement so that you have more to write about.If you perform your research efficiently, you will find more solid resources.If you have more resources to draw from, your paper will be easier to write.The situation our reader is more advanced than the typical stage in which you start writing (he/she already has a rough draft, which is excellent), but a little less "ready" for publishing than taking material from a dissertation.Although that really depends - sometimes you need to shift things around to turn a chapter into a paper, or cut a lot of words to fulfill the word limit, and that can take time too.You could think that those 40 hours are one work week - but when in your life have you been able to work on one single task for 40 hours?Not helping out students, not replying mails, not running a little calc for your supervisor, ...?


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