Think Before You Leap Essay

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If he had inquired about the circumstances and gathered all the information, he would have arrived at a different conclusion.

Some of the confusion could be chalked up to a difference in business vocabulary between the two of us, and some could be chalked up to the fact that this specific situation involved a third party with whom he had a history.

What is lesser known is that Einstein realized the result of his possibly misguided actions...

Here is a short English story with the moral lesson Look before you leap. We find many daily life examples where we don't care to think before taking a decision. We face hard times due to our lack of planning and hasty decisions. In another attempt to reach the water, he slipped and fell into the well.

Equally well known is that of Einstein and his search for the secrets of the atom.

Think Before You Leap Essay Research Proposal Report

Both of these show that reckless experimentation without adequate research can prove deadly due to unforeseen results.

But if you question my integrity, well that’s tougher for me to swallow.

I’m questioning whether I want to get involved with someone who was so quick to jump to conclusions without taking the time to gather the facts.

I’d go so far as to say that face-to-face communication is the very best when you’re handling a delicate or potentially controversial topic. You just have words on a screen, and you’re left to interpret the rest.

With e-mail, so much of the communication process is lost. The phone is better than e-mail because you can better discern tone, and it allows for an ongoing dialogue until the matter is resolved.


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