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The way of articulating this is to say that a Christian politics ought to be, as a friend put it in conversation, concerned with protecting creation and the forms of life which respond to it.Foremost, this will mean a protection of the family and small communities, but it also encompasses the natural creation as well as plant and animal life.

Thesis Statement On Political Parties Psu Honors Thesis

We are born, if we are fortunate, into a community of love able to receive us and offer us love during some of the most vulnerable and formative moments of our existence.

I have experienced this myself in churches and I know Dreher, the author of , has experienced something very similar as a bookish child growing up in a small town.

Thus “communitarian” and “libertarian” should not be seen as organizing principles for political parties.

A major part of the reason my parents have healthcare, for example, is that Democrats beat Republicans in multiple elections between 20.

We should not ignore these real goods that can be obtained partially through voting, but neither should we so elevate the act to a kind of sacramental status within a democratic polity.


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