Thesis Statement About Tardiness

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They learn to follow schedules, obey rules, complete assignments and keep track of their materials.Learning responsibility in school is a precursor to functioning in the working world, as noted by William Kirby in his 2010 Dayton Daily News article "School Attendance Tied to Academic Success." Attendance is one of the ways children show they can meet their obligations.During adolescence, children are especially conscious of fitting in and being accepted by peers.

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Punctuality is an important habit to get into because it is a requirement of any job the student may get in the future.

Punctuality also is an indication of dependability and reliability.

Attention is drawn away from the teacher or assignment and toward the child who has just arrived.

Over time, classmates may begin to criticize this child, affecting how he feels about himself in school.

In many classrooms, particularly at the elementary level, morning routines are critical to daily lessons.

Warm-up activities may introduce topics that will be learned later in the day, or review work offers students an opportunity to review previously learned skills.

Strive to provide a nurturing and supportive Learning environment without the restrictive rules that many schools have.

However, to provide the best education for students, it is necessary to have some rules and guidelines.

In many cases, a child's attendance depends on his parents' ability to help him be on time.

Parents can teach their kids organizational techniques that will help them get out of the house faster, such as packing their bags and laying out their clothes the night before school.


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