Thesis Related To Teaching Strategies

According to the teaching curriculum, one of the underlying competences of the students is the development of computer literacy competences, related to the knowledge and use of information technology (Jurĉić, 2012).Therefore, it is emphasized how important it is for the teachers to have computer skills and knowledge of information communication technology, as well as the ability to redesign learning and teaching process in the sense of combining the traditional teaching strategies with the possibilities offered by new technologies.

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A student who learns and creates in a pleasant atmosphere, with no feeling of fear, thinks faster and solves problems more creatively (Vizek-Vidović, Vlahović-Štetić, Rijavec and Miljković, 2014).

In the empirical part of the paper, the research goal and problem, hypotheses and methods of research, the sample of examinees, instruments, the process of conducting research and the method of data processing are determined.

It is emphasized that strategies, methods and procedures are important aspects of the educational process that complement each other and intertwine.

For the purpose of this paper, teaching strategies are defined as ”networking (appropriate correlation) of teaching methods and social forms of work and didactic teaching systems with regard to the goals and content of teaching and learning” (Jurĉić, 2012).

Moreover, organization of working time, organization of working place, or creation of a stimulating environment for learning, determination of the parameters of functional learning outcomes and self-assessment as well as assessment of learning outcomes are also given importance.

The selection of teaching strategies in a particular teaching situation depends on planned educational goals, ie learning outcomes, the content of teaching, the individual abilities of students and their previous experience and the competences and attitudes of the teacher.

The teachers can get feedback about their work and the effectiveness of teaching strategies from their students, by self-assessment and observation by other teachers (collegiate observation) or by the school’s professional service.

Furthermore, the paper mentions and describes teaching strategiesthatare most often mentioned in the didactic literature and teacher books for fourth and seventh grade teachers of elementary schools of the Republic of Croatia.

The modern teacher is expected to be able to motivate students to work with their communication skills and to prevent many unwanted student behaviors (Itković, 1999).

Given the conceptual definition of the teaching strategy, the paper analyzes in detail the concepts of teaching skills and teaching strategies through which the transfer of learning and teaching methodsare explained.


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