Thesis Of Pulacayo Bolivia

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Although MAS draws on socialist policies, the active members of POR aren’t convinced.

At the POR’s centenary celebration of the Russian Revolution, various worker representatives made this view clear. ’, an Aymaran farmers’ union representative yelled, convinced of the limited impact of Morales’s time in office.

The failures of the Guevarista guerillas in the 1960s further weakened their position.

Today, these hardened Trotskyists have been overshadowed by Evo Morales and the incumbent Movimiento al Socialismo (MAS), a party that claims to be of the same Trotskyist heritage and where many Trotskyists of the old guard have moved.

Since 1825, there have been 88 governments in Bolivia, with an average of 2.2 years per government.

Thesis Of Pulacayo Bolivia Essay For Students

Chronic political instability has become somewhat intrinsic to the country over the past century with modern Bolivian history seeing the people take matters into their own hands to produce change.

Outcry was rife at a recent event commemorating the centenary of the Russian Revolution.

The scene was awash with adoration for Lenin, Trotsky and the iconic Guillermo Lora, their figures immortalised in banners.

In the past, the party’s support network was made up of workers and Bolivian youth impassioned by the plea for change. Whilst the party often questions its future, it remains unquestionable that POR’s original objective, its permanent fight to revolutionise the system, is the only thing that keeps it alive.

This mood of disgruntledness resonating from the theatre halls hosting the party’s conferences was well-timed.


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