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We show that the existence of Imitators improves the feasibility of production only when Imitators...

We show that the existence of Imitators improves the feasibility of production only when Imitators...

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In this thesis, I study the efficiency of the time-step depending on the tidal force.

This quantity follows gauge invariance under adding a constant acceleration where this property is not owned by conventional time-step criteria. Hasanuddin Analysis Of Cytokine Concentration And The Visual Analogue Pain Scale Score As Early Indicators Of Sepsis In Gall Stone Disease Patients Evaluating Quality Of Life Questionnaires To Determine Which Patients Will Experience Significant Pain After Intervention Introduction: Sixty thousand cholecystectomies are performed each year (Royal College of Surgeons, 2016).

The first topic is based in the field of superfluid helium droplet science, and explores mass spectrometry of conjugated molecules in superfluid helium droplets.

Recent observations have suggested conjugated molecules behave very differently to other molecules upon electron ionization in the helium droplet environment.

The simplest families, where d = 1, are very close to solenoids in that they can be considered as a solenoid with o... The argument developed here is that, in order to understand a biethnic adjustee's organisational socialisation, it is necessary to study the individual's identity formation; social and communication skills; adjustment motivation and proactivity; upbringing, biethnicity experience, and the organ... The research conducted through a longitudinal instrumental case study assessed how students in Year 9 (13-14 years) on a student-centred music programme shaped and formed their identity through making musical choices.

The sample cohort consisted of seventy-eight students, split into four music classes.

Using a novel dataset, this thesis analyzes these connections as a social network.

This analysis uncovers the allocation of such money among legislators and the changing structure of this network, and thus of the changing nature of money in US politics.

Thesis abstract: Parkinson’s disease (PD) patients suffer from a progressive neurological illness that can affect their mobility and gait.

They suffer from tremors and stiffness and can have non-motor symptoms such as hallucinations and delusions.


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