Then Write An Essay In Which You Analyze The Rhetorical Strategies President Lincoln

Then Write An Essay In Which You Analyze The Rhetorical Strategies President Lincoln-3
It was a very rainy, windy, muddy day, but these people were dressed in bright colors and seemed to be in a very celebratory mood. Let's look at it together: This is not exactly "four-score and seven years ago".

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In World War II we banished the Japanese from the West Coast of the United States, that's the way we respond in a moment of war. Because Lincoln called this his greatest speech, he said to a Republican who had written to him, this is my best effort.

I'm not degrading the Gettysburg Address, Lincoln simply said this is my best effort, but then he went on to say, "but it's not immediately popular".

They did not want this war any more than the people did in the North.

In that same inclusive language, he goes towards the end of the paragraph, Now the first time I ever talked about the second inaugural address was at the United States Air Force academy in Colorado Springs.

But I was surprised to discover that on that particular second inauguration, we have been taught through many years that there were 620,000 dead in the Civil War.

A recent study consulting the censuses of 18 has now revised our total to 750,000 dead.I have to do intensive events for teachers to even be able to teach Abraham Lincoln within American history.So this morning I want to open a window on Lincoln through his words.So I've put in your hands, the handout is Lincoln's second inaugural address. We're used to long inaugural addresses, how many here in the audience have been to an inauguration?It's a very exciting event, especially if it's your candidate.And then you entered into what I call that "templed space" and on the left, carved in three panels of Indiana limestone was, Lincoln's left was the second inaugural was Gettysburg Address. What some of you just be willing to say in one word, what was your feeling or your experience when you were there. In this remarkable music building with the organ behind us, I'm reminded this morning of my experience as a student at UCLA, singing in the a cappella choir. And Wagner, a larger than life figure said after the concert, "Now, next year we're going do something more difficult. But it dawned on me about a week later, that I didn't really understand Bach and Beethoven, even though I appreciated their music.The lights are bright, but in the first few rows if someone would say it out, I'll repeat it back. It was led by Roger Wagner, the founder of the Roger Wagner chorale. And so I decided to take a non-music major course, one in Bach and one in Beethoven.I believe that Lincoln led this nation in many ways through the Civil War by his words.Winston Churchill led his nation in many ways by his words. As was mentioned in the introduction this morning by David Boren, as we began the day, George Washington did not want to run for a second term, he was persuaded to do so, and so when he gave his second inaugural address, for which there was really no tradition, I like to say that he stood and, in 135 words, said, "Thank you very much." and sat down. Now we're in the celebration, commemoration of the Civil War.And we know of Thomas Jefferson, but those are what we would call, "well-born figures". For us the greatest American is Abraham Lincoln, for he represents what America is all about. I want you to get in touch with the first time you went to the Lincoln Memorial. Perhaps those here who are parents or grandparents took their children there.


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