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The connection between ibis and graffiti develops further at the later stages of the story, and the arrival of ibis will be detailed. Dad went to buy a book of birds, decided that it was a scarlet Ibis, a tropical indigenous who had been separated from that herd and had to be blown away by the storm.

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The memory of the ibis’s visit triggers the memory or Doodle in the brother’s mind.

The link between the ibis and Doodle develops later in the story, when the ibis arrives, being described in detail.

Graffiti also came to this world, weakened, ill, and did not live in disability, he made him different from his brother. In James Hurst's "red-faced ibis", the first sentence refers to the appearance of vermillion ibis. Ibis' visit memories caused memory of Brothers graffiti brothers.

The red color of the bird, coupled with the fact that it is descending on the bleeding tree, combines to create an image of blood telling the late events of ibis and graffiti 's life.

Thus, through the character of Doodle, the reader understands both pain and joy in death.

In our materialistic approach to life, we are so self-engrossed that we fail to see and decode the symbols all around us Symbolism in The Scarlett Ibis In “The Scarlet Ibis,” James Hurst mentions the arrival of the scarlet ibis in the first sentence, suggesting that it has major significance.

The reader sees this when thebird dies and, “a white veil comes over the eyes and…..

even death does not mark it grace, for it lay on the earth like a broken vase of red flowers, and the family stands around it, awed by its exotic beauty”.

The most important literary technique James Hearst used at The Scarlet Ibis is the relationship between symbolism and scarlet ibis and graffiti. I gave up his body, and when the feathers fall from the tree onto the ground, Ibis' body gave up.

Both Doodle and ibis have similar characteristics, and ibis is a symbol of Doodle. Ibis was hit by a violent storm and died at the time of arrival. In order to convey the message to the reader, what kind of literary technique did James Hurst use "The Scarlet Ibis"?


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