The Process Of Critical Thinking

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Each of us tends to perceive and understand the problems, events, and circumstances of our lives somewhat differently.

In fact, we believe that our understanding of reality is built upon the foundations of our perceptions. Our perception of reality is actually built upon the foundations of our filtering mechanisms, which tend to interpret how we perceive the problems, events, and circumstances of our lives as a result of the thoughts, beliefs, habitual behaviors and emotions we tend to cultivate on a daily basis.

Without it, we will struggle to make sense of reality.

However, with it, we will open new doors of understanding about the events and circumstances of our lives.

When we take information in through our senses, we naturally tend to categorize and segregate it accordingly in a way that will promote a greater sense of understanding and awareness.

We then categorically try and make sense of this information based on our understanding of the patterns evident within it.

They understand that if they make quick judgments or assumptions about information, that they may misinterpret their circumstances.

As a result, they always attempt to separate distinguishing fragments of conflicting pieces of information in order to gain the widest perspective of the events and circumstances confronting their reality.

Yet, their habitual thought process is built upon simple patterns of thinking that piece information together from a detached and unemotional perspective.

An outstanding critical thinker sees everything as part of an all-encompassing canvas that needs to be understood in its entirety before all the answers can be revealed.


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