The Prime Of Miss Jean Brodie Essays

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Throughout the story, the narrator bases and manipulates our ideas about the characters.

Despite the fact that Miss Brodie might have good intentions, the reader is more compelled to dislike her because of her fascist teaching methods and actions.

Spark can give the reader any opinion she wishes them to believe.

The narrator tells the story in such a way that all the characters' opinions on Miss Brodie are exposed.

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uses cookies to personalize content, tailor ads and improve the user experience. As the novel proceeds, the reader can then observe the different views of Miss Jean Brodie by every girl from the set.To tell the story of Miss Jean Brodie's prime the reader simply cannot take a point of view from one source because each girl from the set was affected in a different way."Miss Mackay is younger than I am and higher salaried." 'Said Miss Brodie.' Teddy Lloyd is handicapped, missing one arm in the original story, however in the film he has two.Robert Neame rules out many other details; the way that each girl in the Brodie set has their own individual way of positioning their hat on their head... Middle Throughout the novel she is predominantly portrayed as being a very strong minded and determined character.Gordon is taller than his physical description in the book describes him to be, he is quiet and polite.Mary, who in the film is developed with some of both Eunice's and Monica's characteristics, plays a central role.In the novel some members of the group have very little spotlight but in the film all four of the girls play reasonably large parts.I personally prefer the film to the novel; this is because the book, though containing more description, is quite unclear. The celluloid image allows a careful exploration of miss Jean Brodie's character in relation to those around her, which is particularly appealing and sensitively portrayed. Jenny, who takes Rose's and Eunice's roles as well as her own in Neame's film, is the one now known to have instinct as well as her ability to do cartwheels.Monica's character in the film is a blend of Jenny's and her own from the novel. Conclusion The sequence of events is not often changed although an example of this occurring is when the time of Mary's death is earlier in the film than in the novel.


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