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In this way, journeys across deserts or through forests have become safe and possible.Thirdly, mobile phones are used to catch criminals and terrorists.Mobile phones, thus, have made all places on the earth within the reach of people anywhere telephonically. Later, these telephones developed into a cellular radiotelephone system.

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The research shows a different story- there are extremes of usage- some are heavy users while others are light users.

The symptoms of addiction and binge use are seen in the heavy users.

Mountaineers, hunters, and travellers of all kinds can go to unknown places with their mobile phones.

They feel sure that if they face any danger, they can at once inform others in contact with them.

Scientists can exchange information and knowledge readily to promote their work.

Teachers and writers can inform each other about the latest developments in their subjects.Mobile phones have helped us a lot in business, science and other fields of active life.Businessmen can exchange messages or communicate with each other to buy and sell their products.These users show a cyclical pattern of use with the heaviest usage at the start of the month and the usage reducing as the budget for the month reduces.Thus, finances may have some effect on the control of mobile phone usage by students.Criminals have hijacked planes with mobile phones by informing each other about their actions or by sending wrong messages to control towers about the directions of planes.Mobile phones have caused mental or nervous problems among some users. We shall not only save money by not using them but also keep ourselves healthy and satisfied.Though mobile phones have their uses, they are harmful as well.Criminals and terrorists use mobile phones to contact each other while committing robberies and other serious crimes. It has created links between cities, countries, and continents without the need of any wires.These transmissions are made possible by communication satellites that send the messages back to far-off places in the world. The phone calls traveled through small broadcast towers.


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