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Meanwhile, Fache is convinced that Langdon is the murderer, and is trying to bend the evidence in favor of framing him.Langdon and Sophie must gather what clues they can and then flee, since Langdon would not be able to follow Saunière’s trail if he were to be arrested.This novel is the second in the Robert Langdon series, and begins with the murder of Jacques Saunière. Professionally, he was a curator at the Louvre in Paris, France, but he guarded a powerful secret.

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That man is Robert Langdon, a professor who teaches symbology at Harvard University.

The two met only briefly, but Langdon’s book convinced Saunière that Langdon could solve the puzzle.

In , there are three main characters in Opus Dei: a bishop, a man known only as “the Teacher,” and an albino monk known as Silas.

Silas is willing to do whatever it takes to recover the keystone, even killing innocent passersby.Was Leonardo da Vinci one of the "keepers of the secret of the Holy Grail," as Leigh Teabing, the historian scholar, declares?Did he encode his art with symbols that suggested a Christian history far different from the one with which we are familiar?Shortly before his murder, Saunière called Sophie and suggested there was something about her family she didn’t know.She is convinced that the clues he’s left for Langdon will help her discover this secret.Religious leaders, Christian scholars, historians, and media figures reacted strongly to Brown's novel.In 2004, it was banned from Lebanon when Catholic leaders protested against its content.After Sophie and Langdon manage to get the keystone from a Swiss depository bank, they escape by hijacking an armored truck.They manage to get to Versailles, where Langdon’s friend Sir Leigh Teabing lives. Langdon chose Teabing’s home as a destination not only because they are friends but also because he hopes to learn more about the keystone and the Grail.However, Sophie and Langdon are not the only characters to visit Teabing.Silas finds his way there, too, and breaks in, but is no match for the whole group.


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