The Book Thief Essay

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Repeated visions of fist fighting with Hitler, a poor diet, little interactions with other people, and spending most of his days in a freezing basement (Max was constantly cold) all contributed to Max’s overall decline of health until he became gravely ill (which is what the author represents as “melting”).

By using this paradoxical metaphor, Zusak quickly summarizes the decline of Max in a simple yet thought provoking way that even begins to foreshadow future events in order to keep the reader guessing. Max Vandenburg could feel the fists of an entire nation.

Even though the majority of this story focuses on a Christian family in Germany, Zuzak also wanted the reader to understand the inner emotions of a Jewish person enduring Nazi Germany; and these imaginary fights that Max has offers the reader lucid insight to the inner workings of a Jew in a world that is out to get them. She should be reading Mein Kampf.” (105) Describe: Hans Junior, Hans Hubermann’s son, was visiting for Hitler’s birthday (a celebrated event in Germany at the time); but with every holiday get together comes a conflict.

This one had to do with the fact that Hans Junior was a Nazi, and his father’s secretly strong opposition to the Nazi Party.

In order to be sure that Max would not be seen by anyone of the outside, Max was to live in the Hubermann 's basement.

Analyze: Living in the basement or a poor family in the midst of a German winter can cause serious problems, both mentally and physically; Max discovered this very quickly.Markus Zusak chose this method of storytelling to show that non-Jewish people living in Germany also suffered immensely from Hitler’s reign; as most people assume that it was only the Jewish people that had it bad in those times.This POV also conveys the theme of all people being one in such harsh times, because when people are all suffering, there is no longer seperation of religion, or origin, everyone is just trying to protect themselves against the enemy.One by one they climbed into the ring and beat him down, They made him bleed. Millions of them- until one last time, when he gathered himself to his feet…” (254) Describe: Every night while dwelling in the Hubermann’s basement, Max vividly imagines himself fist fighting with Hitler in an arena (occasionally accompanied by others of the Nazi Party).These “fights” typically leave Max in a weary state with strong emotions regarding what he experienced.On the night of his arrival, Hans Junior and his father began discussing current politics at the dinner table, with Liesel reading a fictional book right beside them.Hans Junior, being a Nazi, almost enforces everyone to embrace Hitler as much as he does, including 12 year old girls who know little about such topics. Analyze: Throughout “The Book Thief,” Death makes numerous references to the colors right before he lifts someone’s soul out of their body. Death is the narrator of this story, and he is only trying to help us understand how his work is done before he allows us to actually witness his work being done.Characterization: “Her face was severe, but it was smiling.‘What the hell did you do with my hairbrush, you stupid Saumensch, you little thief?


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