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There Eve learns everything she can to help her country and her friends in this time of great violence.The two of them are intertwined forever when Charlie knocks on Eve’s door one cold rainy night asking for a name that she hasn’t heard of in years.his poetry [is] both a challenge and a thrill, one that a new generation of readers can now tackle thanks to the work of poet-translator Robert Hammond Dorsett…” thus neatly bringing in the translator, and making us want to read on.

An unusually long and ambitious review, giving loads of information on three separate novels and their authors.

Iron Moon: Anthology of Migrant Worker Poetry, reviewed by Megan Walsh.

Determined to find out what happened to Rose, Charlie runs away to London and is set on a course that will change her life forever.

Eve Gardiner a recluse, drunk, and haunted by a betrayal that destroyed her life in WWI.

Kate Quinn was also able to weave women’s rights into the novel beautifully.

The issue of women’s choice, contraception, and self-worth were issues that were brought up throughout the book.

However, it was never to the point where it was getting annoying or distasteful.

The Alice Network has excellent, and loveable characters, a little mystery that takes the troupe across France, and a network of female spies what more could you want in a strong female-led historical fiction novel! This is a must-read, and I cannot stop gushing about it!

Each has an entirely different view of life, but both women are incredibly strong and complex characters.

One of the reasons I enjoyed The Alice Network so much is because you’re taken through their pasts and see what events made these women who they are today.


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