The Best Journey Of My Life Essay

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After going through the essay you will be all praise about it and trains will become your favorite modes of transport.

These essays are good source of knowledge and will help you in your school assignments or essay writing/debate competitions etc.

My First Train Journey with Friends While my parents allowed me to go on local school excursions, they had always been sceptic about sending me on out stationed trips.

They thought I was too young and careless and thus feared sending me.

Since our compartment was occupied only by us and those two brothers and their parents, there was no fuss about turning off the lights. Introduction It was the month of September and the autumn break was about to begin in a few weeks’ time.

After playing cards, we began a game of dumb charades. Since, we had been playing for almost four hours now, we felt hungry and it was snack time. Our first term exams had just been over and we were free from the burden of studies at least for a few days.We had already planned that we will stay awake until late at night to enjoy the journey in each other’s company. As we finished a game or two, two boys sitting in the middle berth asked us if they could join us.Playing cards is always fun when there are greater number of players involved. Our game became all the more exciting and we kept playing for about two- three hours.We stealthily took out chips and biscuits from our bags. Our school plans excursion trips to various places during the autumn break.We chatted, cracked jokes and laughed heartily as we ate snacks. I always wanted to go on such a trip and have fun with my friends.Below we have provided Long and Short Essay on Train Journey of varying lengths in English for your information and use.These easy and simple Train Journey Essay will give you hands on experience of a train journey and its advantages.This is the only means of transport that allows you to sleep comfortably during the journey. I can comfortably sleep in the train during my journey and wake up fresh and head to work during my official trips.One of my most memorable journeys by train was when I travelled from Delhi to Lucknow last year. During this train journey, I met a group of college students.While each of these journeys has its set of benefits, I personally love train journeys.A journey by train is the best if you have enough time and have to travel long distance.


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