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There is a self-awareness and focus in all kinds of writing that requires the writer to decide, always, what they put down. The writer is making decisions, always, about which word to use, and which spelling, and even where to add the extra exclamation marks.In even more modern adaptations the simple emoticon has been replaced with the increasing number of emojis that can represent any number of things.In fact, they may have a better grasp of the language then some.

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These works were full of slang, abbreviations, unique spellings, and unconventional grammar.

Oftentimes, emoji aren’t used to craft whole sentences, simply because it isn’t that easy, and that wasn’t what they were designed for.

They just aren’t layered enough for that sort of translation.

There is a belief that because textspeak is used primarily by youth, it is not as sophisticated as formal English.

There is also a more insidious process known by linguists as iconization.


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