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He could hardly know that his son was on the verge of being flanked by his Math teacher were it, not for the intervention of Bernard.

He could hardly know that his son was on the verge of being flanked by his Math teacher were it, not for the intervention of Bernard.Another aspect to consider is condition that he does not seem to single out Happy in aspect, and have a meaningful conversation with him.In one instance, he expressed how he would work hard for poor pay and little recreation time.

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He exudes confidence that his son would be the best in no time as himself.

In that context, Willy is referring to how he had been popular just like Biff, and so it is reasonable that he would love sales (just like him) and achieve such incredible success in a short period (just like him) (Miller 10-13).

Instead of the father focusing on his son's educational achievements or milestones, he chooses the vain option, why is this so?

The playwright gives an answer coded in the conversation, in act one, between Linda and Willy.

A tragedy can best be described as a play/story where the main character, regresses from a position of power and affluence to that of poverty and misery or ultimately death of the character.

Willy is the main character in the play, and he regresses both physically and financially to the point that he eventually dies through suicide; the most tragic ending to any man's life, which is death by their own hand.To illustrate this, we consider Willy, reading through the play.One will find out that he eventually commits suicide, but also one realizes that, Willy as a salesman, dies when he starts loosing his mind.Biff was the avenue which he would show the world that Willy Lamon had it all.A great job charisma a star athlete for a son and soon a businessman.Willy is established at this point that he prefers going back in time and reliving the memories he cherished, as though they were unfolding in real life, and so it is easy to make an inference that indeed, Willy was handsome and that he cannot grasp how age has ravaged his looks.Also, a peculiar fact is that Willy was lost in what should have been Biff's memory to behold.It is important to view this play from the geopolitical setting of the time it was conceived, and how that affects the imagery the playwright used, in telling the story of the weary salesman; Willy.From the title of the play, the reader/audience gets the hint that someone will die.Arthur Miller seamlessly linked these two meanings of death such that Willy's demise as a salesman played a major part in his own natural death.An element of Arthur Milers writing that stands out is how Willy chooses to live vicariously through his son Biff and his narcissistic attributes.


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