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On his visit to the Soviet Union in 1966, French President Charles de Gaulle announced that a hotline would be established between Paris and Moscow.The line was upgraded from a telex to a high-speed fax machine in 1989.

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800-443-6308 Chile Telmex Option 1: Dial access code 800-225-288, then dial 877-319-0263. Italy 800-789341 Malaysia 1800889873 Mexico 001-888-818-9374 Morocco Dial 0, then dial 888-513-8198. Netherlands Dial 0800-022-9111, then dial 888-513-8198. Outside Moscow: Dial 8, then dial access code 495-363-2400.

Telmex Option 2: Dial access code 171 00 312, then dial 877-319-0263. India 8004402101 Indonesia Dial 001-801-10, then dial 877-319-0263.

Display of helpline notices was not associated with an observed change in the likelihood of or future suicide searches (P=.42).

No statistically significant differences were observed in the likelihood of people making future suicide queries (both generally and specific types of suicide queries) when comparing search engines in locations that display helpline notices versus ones that do not.

10 Downing Street and the Cabinet War Room bunker under the Treasury, Whitehall; with the White House in Washington, D. From 1943 to 1946, this link was made secure by using the very first voice encryption machine, called SIGSALY.

A hotline connection between Moscow and Beijing was used during the 1969 frontier confrontation between the two countries.The Chinese however refused the Russian peace attempts and ended the communications link.After a reconciliation between the former enemies, the hotline between China and Russia was revived in 1996.Entel: Dial access code 800-360-312, then dial 877-319-0263. Hungary Dial 06-800-011-11, then dial 888-513-8198. Telefónica: Dial access code 800-800-288, then dial 877-319-0263. France 08 French Antilles – Guadeloupe Dial 0-8, then dial 888-513-8198. Germany Dial 0-800-225-5288, then dial 888-513-8198. After Kim Jong-un's New Years address, the border hotline was reopened on January 3, 2018.In August 2015 the hotline between the White House and New Delhi became operational.An example would be a phone that automatically connects to emergency services on picking up the receiver.Therefore, dedicated hotline phones do not need a rotary dial or keypad.Increasingly, however, the term is found being applied to any customer service telephone number.The most famous hotline between states is the Moscow–Washington hotline, which is also known as the "red telephone", although telephones have never been used in this capacity.


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