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Hall concludes that the policies reflected in the NES will result in gross economic inefficiency.I agree with Hall’s conclusion that misplaced investment in such a large part of our economy is dangerous.Note that, in accordance with her professor’s guidelines, the writer gives her particular views on the author’s treatment of the subject at the end of her descriptive abstract.

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It specifies the purpose of the study and its background information but does not provide any data regarding the methods, results, and conclusions.

This one is a smaller version of a critical review.

Such detail and commentary show us that the writer both understands her material and can think effectively about it. 11 submitted by Janet Lerner Keywords: National Energy Security (NES), Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR), energy security, oil.

Click here to download a pdf of a sample descriptive abstract. In February 1992, President Bush presented the National Energy Strategy (NES), which is based upon the ideals of a free market.

Energy security is measured by the size of and its allies.

Oil price shocks or supply disruptions instigated by OPEC cause recessions by lowering output, raising prices, and lowering real wages.I also feel that he should calculate the inventory holding cost, and I am also curious to know what the cost of oil deterioration is and if there are transportation costs involved.These additional costs could be very significant in adding to the costs that Hall has already predicted.So, how to write an abstract for your research paper effectively? An abstract for a research project is a short synopsis of your paper designed to give the reader a generalized idea of your work, methods applied, and other essential aspects pertinent to the manuscript.Also, when you publish your research, the readers will go through your abstract first.It should provide all the necessary information about the study and judgment regarding the validity and breadth of the research.This type is longer (up to 500 words) but is not used as often as the rest.These effects are determined by applying the Granger causality tests.A benefit of a market-driven price determination system is that prices rise as depletable resources fall, implying increased scarcity.Included in the NES are policies that remove restrictions on oil production and restrictions on the construction of nuclear power.This paper attempts to quantify the costs associated with spending on oil imports as related to national security and the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR).


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