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Bell Mobility has matched a cellphone data plan offered by its competitor Rogers on Wednesday.On all of our Peace of Mind plans, you can mobile hotspot within a certain range so that friends and family can use your data.Data usage for mobile hotspotting is available up until the high speed threshold.If a subscriber finds that their current data needs are not met by their plan they can rate plan change to another Peace of Mind or Simple Share Plan at any time, up to once per monthly bill cycle.TELUS limits the number of plan changes on a monthly basis to avoid problems with billing.The new plans are ONLY for your service with TELUS, and there will be an additional charge if you require a device.We have separated the cost of your device from your plan so there is complete transparency into what you are paying for.No matter what kind of business you're in, there's a TELUS internet plan that will give you the competitive edge you need.Power your business with TELUS Pure Fibre™, the #1 internet technology for speed and reliability.With all of our new plans, device costs are now clearly separated from the service plan with TELUS Easy Payment.Yes with the separation of device cost from your rate plans, TELUS easily allows customers to choose the plan that fits their needs simply by choosing a data amount.


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