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Teenagers may have sex as a way to appear cool and sophisticated, but in some cases the end result is an unplanned teen pregnancy.Psychology Today indicates that one-third of boys feel pressured to have sex, compared with 23 percent of girls.

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The CDC recommends that all teens between the ages of 11 to 15, depending on sexual maturity have a reproductive visit with their healthcare provider.

In this visit, the provider can counsel on the benefits of delaying sexual activity, contraceptive options, and give the child the opportunity to ask questions in a safe and open environment with correct and concise answers.

The CDC cites the reasons for lower income teens at a higher risk for pregnancy as income inequality, education, neighborhood disorder, racial segregation, and fewer opportunities for positive youth programs.

Geography also seems to play a role in teen pregnancies, with southern states having higher rates than the northern U. In 2016, Arkansas had the highest birth rates of teens aged 15 to 19, with Massachusetts having the lowest.

In addition, daughters of teenage mothers were 51 percent more likely to become pregnant as a teen, according to research published in BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth.

Girls between the ages of 14 to 19 were at 3 times higher risk for teenage pregnancy when they had an older sister with a teenage pregnancy.

Even though the number of pregnant teens is on the decline, teenage pregnancy continues to be a significant issue facing families, schools and the medical community.

Being a mother requires patience and the ability to manage the stress that comes with having a baby.

Find out what their perception of risky behavior entails and discover new ways to reduce the amount of risk taking activities in regards to substance abuse and sexual behavior. Department of Health and Human Services indicates that 1 in 6, or 17 percent of births to all 15 to 19 year old girls is a subsequent birth, meaning the teen has already been pregnant at least once.

Reducing the first unwanted pregnancy for a teenager is often the focus, but here are teens who have multiple unwanted pregnancies. Government programs are available for teen moms and dads who are struggling with multiple teen pregnancies.


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