Sythesis Of Aspirin

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Record your observations and conclusions on the Data Sheet. Measure the melting point range of your synthesized aspirin with the Meltemp Apparatus as demonstrated by your lab instructor and compare to the value for pure aspirin of 138-140 A.

Weigh the aspirin and calculate the theoretical (maximum) yield.

However, salicylic acid is bitter and irritates the stomach.

A German chemist named Felix Hoffman is credited with being the first to synthesize aspirin in 1897.

Hoffman's father had severe arthritis but could not tolerate salicylic acid he was taking for pain relief.

The name given for Hoffman's new compound was A-spirin.

The salicylic acid and aspirin may cause irritation to your skin or eyes, but are basically not hazardous.

An excess of these can be disposed of in the sink or, if packaged, in the trash.

Use them only in the hood and be sure the hood fan is on! Excess chemicals must be disposed of in the plastic tub of water.

This will convert the acetic anhydride to vinegar and dilute the sulfuric acid.


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